Working with animals.

A couple of years after becoming a Reiki practitioner, I started working on animals. First it was a friends dog. And his response was amazing. Then I started working on more dogs. One day while telling a friend about Reiki and dogs, she asked me if I could work on her horse. He was a quarter horse with feet issues and back issues. My first experience with him was a little unnerving because I hadn’t been around horses for years. I remembered their body language though, (ears pinned back not a good sign).

The first time I saw Red I took carrots and met him in his pasture, all went well so I took him to the barn so I could work on him in his stall. He seemed like a good horse, nice and sweet. I started gently laying my hands on him and noticed his back wasn’t good and he was getting irritable. I touched under his belly, he didn’t like that at all. Oh boy, did I get a mean look. His head whirled around with ears pinned back. So I slowed down and only touched him where he would let me.Over a couple of months, working on him once a week he started to enjoy our work. While receiving Reiki he would take a stretch from head to rump all down his back. I was so happy that he was relaxing and stretching. The Reiki was doing what it does best.

One day a lady came in the barn and saw me working on Red. She politely asked what I was doing, and I explained what Reiki was and how it worked. She said to me, “Wow look how he’s enjoying it. I wonder how that would work on my race horses.” We talked about how it could get rid of nervous energy before a race. What a great thought, I really wanted to pursue this. But not long after that we moved from Maryland to Arizona. Since being here I have worked on dogs, cats, cows and horses. Animals heal quickly, there is no ego. And some of them are more responsive than others. It’s about having patience and compassion, for sometimes we don’t know what has happened to them. And how they have been treated in the past.

My cats love Reiki, here is a picture of them on the healing table. Reiki anyone?

cats reiki


The Microcosmic Orbit Meditation

I am going to talk about Meditation here. I love meditation, and I particularly like this one. In William Rand’s Reiki Master Manual they have this particular meditation as an exercise. In Reiki it is a modified form of the Taoist meditation. The purpose of this meditation is to open and clear the chakras, and to create a continuous circular energetic loop between what typically, in an adult human body, are two distinct meridians: the Conception Vessel and the Governing Vessel. I will explain, so you understand this. The Conception Vessel goes down the front of your body to the perineum, and the Governing Vessel is the energy traveling up your back from the perineum to the top of your head.


You don’t have to be Reiki to practice this meditation, but if you are Reiki, it does help keep your pathways flowing, it also clears the front and back channels allowing the energies to flow more easily and strongly. Doing this will also allow the higher energies of being a Reiki Master to be fully assimilated and prevent problems caused by too much energy in parts of the body.

Now the Taoist’s believe that the  Microcosmic Orbit Meditation fills the reservoirs of the Governing and Conception channels with energy, which is then distributed to all the major organ-energy meridians, thereby energizing the internal organs. Over time using this meditation you will find an increase in your ability to concentrate, have vitality, sleep better, and have overall better health. So in a nutshell this meditation benefits everyone.

Here are directions on how to do the basic Microcosmic Orbit Meditation.

To begin, sit with your feet flat on the floor. The first step is to still the body, calm the mind, and regulate the breath. Next place your tongue on the roof or your mouth and lightly contract the Hui Yin, (the point between the anus and genitals) Doing this keeps the energy running through the channel, so it doesn’t escape. Next visualize white light in your solar plexus. Then imagine the light moving down your front to the sacral chakra, down to the root, and up the spine through the back side of your chakras, to the crown and down through the tongue. In the beginning take your time and focus on each Chakra, while continuing down your front to make a complete orbit. Visualize this light travelling up and down your microcosmic orbit. Once you do this a couple of times and are comfortable, now add the breath to it. Moving down the body from the solar plexus to the root you want to breathe out, travelling up the back to the crown you want to breathe in. Do it slow in the beginning, then when you get used to the flow you can speed it up. If it is difficult to get with the flow, you can use your hands to act like you’re guiding the energy. Holding your hands in front of you, move them down on the out breath, and back up on the in breath. (In the beginning the hand movement helped me a lot.)

When you’re first learning the practice, it’s nice to pause for several rounds of the breath. Then when you are comfortable you can start again with gentle focus and relaxed clarity. So whether you’re reiki or not, this is a great meditation practice. Breathe and let the energy flow!


Being an Empath

Being an empath has its ups and downs. When you are empathic it’s like you are a part of the whole universe and you feel everything that is going on. I recently read an article on empaths and this is how it describes us.

From Earth we are one:

In spirit science perspective, the reason that you are an empath is because you are tuned into the universal consciousness more than other people. You are so dialed in to the oneness factor that connects us all, that you are feeling someone else’s pain. Which really means you are projecting and reflecting your own experiences into the situation which makes you empathic to begin with. You are the universe itself experiencing itself through a fractalized visual mass. Our story starts with painting a picture of society as we know it: Your parent(s) unknowingly project their life’s experience onto you. Trying to guard you from unnecessary pain or even just projecting pain from everyday life onto you. This gives you the perspective of inadequacy because of these projections from your parent(s). There becomes a subconscious need within the child to project itself onto it’s environment to receive love and joy. You think to yourself, “I need a degree to prove my knowledge, I need a lover to receive and give my love to, I need a car, clothes etcetera to project my joy onto others so they will give me approval.” You begin becoming all that is fed to you instead of listening to the knowing voice within that says, you are loved now.

Now this makes perfect sense to me. Over the years Reiki has helped me learn how to perfect this as a skill. So many people have experienced trauma at an early age, (which stays in the body) to grow up and think that it has gone away. There are times when working on someone that I will pick up on that trauma and feel the emotion and pain of it. But no worries, because the Reiki protects me, so that after the releasing I feel fine. Of course there are times when out in public I can feel others energy so I simply turn my Reiki on. Being empathic teaches you how to protect yourself, (and knowing that everything is a reflection of you), also shows what areas need to be healed. In the beginning of my healing path, I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me. But after working with different Reiki Masters and mentors, I learned how to perfect my skill.

For other sensitive Reiki practitioners out there, you can protect yourself with the Reiki symbols you learned in Second degree Reiki. You can also call on your Reiki guides to protect you. For those that work with crystals, there are many good stones that ground and protect. That information I will go over at another time. Everyone has their own way of protecting themselves, some prefer to surround themselves in white light. We are all different and resonate with different tools. In the end, its all about healing. Healing ourselves and those around us.




Self-Reiki Badge

It is very important that Reiki practitioners practice self reiki everyday. It has many benefits, and helps to us to become a better tool, (or channel for the reiki). I find that practicing daily self-Reiki is the primary way that we develop as Reiki practitioners. If a practitioner doesn’t value the practice enough to practice on him/herself daily, do you really want that person practicing on you, or teaching you?



What is Reiki?
A lot of people have asked me this question. So I thought I would start out explaining what Reiki is. First let’s break it down. Rei: this means universal spirit, or god. Ki: this means life force energy. So we could call it God energy. We have to remember that energy exists in all things, and there are many different forms of energy. Energy also vibrates at different levels. Something that is more dense would vibrate at a lower rate. Whereas something like electricity would vibrate much higher.

Reiki vibrates at a high level. I remember after my first Reiki attunement everything looked more vibrant. The trees looked more green, the sky more blue. You start to see the big picture of things. You walk away from that first Reiki class with more gratitude. For me personally it seemed to “Fix” my life.

Now I have heard people say that they did Reiki, but were not attuned to it. You can only do Reiki if you have been attuned. Most healers that have not been attuned are using there own energy. The cool thing about Reiki, is that when a practitioner is giving it, they are also receiving. So the more you give, the more you get. I like to think of my self as a tool. Like a hollow straw. So when a person has received a Reiki attunement, it’s like being hooked up to the universal chi, (God energy).

So how does it work in the practitioner? Basically when you turn your Reiki on, the Chi comes in through the top of your head down into your body and out through your hands. You can also intend that it come out of your eyes, and even your feet. I have been driving down the road and suddenly I can feel it come out of the bottom of my feet. It will come on when it is needed.

When you take a Reiki class, you don’t just learn Reiki you become Reiki. You are Reiki for the rest of your life. This life and beyond into your next life times. Reiki never goes away or stops working. I have had students say to me that they didn’t think the Reiki was working. It always works, and there is no wrong way to use it. It never causes harm. But I have noticed sometimes that Reiki will heal in a way I didn’t picture things should go. It always serves that persons highest good.

One more thing I would like to say about Reiki, is that it really moves blockages. Whether it be from a relaxing session or an attunement. Reiki can really move the Chi. Picture if you can, a stream where a tree has fallen across it and blocked the flow of water. All the water gets backed up in front of the tree, and it gets murky and yucky. Picture that in your body. Not a very pretty picture is it? That’s why a Reiki session can really make a difference. It relaxes, relieves, and revives. Now that’s a pretty picture!