Client Experiences

When I was looking to become a Reiki Master, I wanted an authentic experience where the teacher took personal time and passed down the information in a traditional way. Julie is a great mentor and does just that. I am glad I found her. I highly recommend Julie as a knowledgeable and authentic mentor. She not only knows the information, she lives the Reiki life and that makes all the difference when it comes to an energy based practice.

Holly – Cottonwood, AZ

As a believer in all things that come full circle, there comes a time in all our lives when we are ready to get out of our own way; to evoke, step out of the box, break old behavior patterns, and become our most authentic imperfect self. Life has a way of teaching us all that nothing comes easy. Sometimes we hang by our fingernail, a final prayer, a last hope. And with breakdowns come the possibility of break throughs. I am no different than anyone navigating their way across this big rock of life. Determined to break patterns of emotional addiction, I reached out to Julie and committed myself to the Kundalini Reiki modules and lessons. Although I’m a mere beginner I have witnessed the power of Source. There really isn’t a better word for me to use to describe how this practice has changed me, my approach to life, my relationships, than Source. When all else is willingly stripped from your Self, you choose the path of freedom, self awareness, and (gulp) self love. Like a violet fire, Julie encouraged me to let go, release, and most importantly, to trust.  There have been many threshold moments that come to mind over my 45 years on this path, however this decision to become all that is Reiki has realigned me in the most positive and pivotal of ways. As with all learning you need a Master, and Julie was and is mine. She is yours as well. Her innate gifts will shine light on all corners of your life, and she will deliver you to a place of your own making. Thank you, Julie, for your gift of friendship, Reiki, and continuous lessons of self-awareness.

Kristen – Rochester, NY

In my search for a competent Reiki teacher I came to Julie on the recommendation of a friend. When I met her for the first time she was so kind, and was quick to explain the process. Also what might be felt and how we were going to proceed with the session. After the first session I felt a difference in myself and how I felt both in the physical as well as spiritual. I would definitely recommend that any one looking for a competent and experienced practitioner that has your best well being at heart to come see Julie, or give her a call!

Morgan – California

I have been benefiting from Julie’s superb Reiki healing for the last two years. During that time I found that Julie is an empathic and intuitive Reiki practitioner. I always feel nurtured and secure during my sessions. From these sessions I have made significant advancements in my personal well-being and spiritual growth. I highly recommend Julie as a Reiki Master/Practitioner.

Robin A. – Sedona, AZ

I just wanted to thank you Julie, for introducing me and attuning me to Kundalini Reiki.I absolutely love Reiki and Energy Healing in general and adding Kundalini to the mix has been a wonderful addition to my arsenal of healing modalities.Not only have I been doing self Reiki more, with you as my inspiration, but Reiki has been powerful to breaking down energy blocks in my clients enabling them to heal emotionally, spiritually and physically. And its so gentle and relaxing.

I am so grateful also for you for introducing me to my guides and sharing with me insights that otherwise I would not have known about. I treasure our relationship!

Dani – Poteau, Oklahoma

Well, my story has to start with what I call a Reiki calling.  As I’ve heard from others, Reiki finds you and that couldn’t be more of a truth in my case. I was attuned to Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki with so much emotion and gratefulness.This was a gift and although I had no idea what my future would bring many years ago, I always had a sense of wanting to give and even heal in some form. I was recently searching to see if where I lived, there might be other Reiki Practitioners who like me, wanted to share their experiences.  As I was searching I ran across Julie’s website.  I visited each tab and just felt that her site was calming.  It wasn’t overly done and very eye appealing so, I wrote her expressing this.

Julie wrote back thanking me and so the journey of me discovering Kundalini Reiki began.  And just as I’d found Usui Reiki, so it was for Kundalini Reiki and my new friendship with Julie.  One thing I knew long before Reiki found me is there are no accidents in who comes into our lives.  I find that extremely exciting. My attunement to Kundalini Reiki was nothing less then amazing and calming.  I had never seen colors before and in this attunement I saw my Crown Chakra purple.  My next attunement will be level 3 and by the time you’re probably reading this, I will be a Kundalini Reiki Master.They say if you don’t want your life to change, do not learn Reiki.  My life has changed so dramatically and all for the good. Am now Kundalini Master and was brought into Usui Reiki Level 2 by Julie Hall. She is a very compassionate and kind Reiki Master. My experience was so memorable and now Julie has become my “go to” gal with many questions that have popped up. She attunes and attends to your every need should you have questions.

One last thought, Julie goes out of her way to make you feel comfortable and she did go above and beyond with several questions I’d had.  We’ve shared many conversations and seem to be kindred spirits, how fun is that? Namaste.

Kate – Yuma, Arizona

I was on vacation in Cottonwood, Arizona over the winter.  I wanted to experience Reiki and chose Julie in a website search.  I went to my session with an open mind.  It was very relaxing laying on the table.  Julie started checking my chakras.  The tears started rolling down my face.  I was surprised but Julie started asking me questions about how I was feeling and then it totally made sense.  My one time experience turned into 3 sessions.  I came away feeling peaceful and relaxed.  I was shown to see things in a totally new way.  Someone asked me what was the best thing I bought while in Arizona.  It turned out it wasn’t a thing, it was my Reiki sessions with Julie.

Beth – Minnesota

Julie’s healing sessions with my horses have been a huge success. Part of my work is rehabilitating horses. I had several that had different lameness issues and others with various aliments. Julie was spot on with each horse as to the location and the possible issue. Her healing work was well received by each horse and everyone made a full recovery. Julie’s  gift of healing deeply touches each person and animal. She is a gifted healer that connects, receives and heals not only on the physical level, but also on the emotional and spiritual level to ensure a well balanced being.

Jennifer, Owner/Director of Bay Blue Farm – South Carolina

Julie takes a very positive, prayerful and healing approach to reading the energy of others.  She is accurate and gentle, respecting individual sensitivities with integrity.  I came away feeling a sense of peace and well being that is harmonious with my best spiritual self.  Thanks for the increased, life-giving energy, Julie!

Diane, former college chaplain – Illinois